Reclaim Your Vehicle

All the info you need to get your vehicle

Your Vehicle Has Been Towed… What’s Next?

How To Reclaim Your Vehicle

To reclaim your vehicle, please gather the info below first. Follow the three steps and you’ll have your vehicle in no time!


Save yourself the frustration and bring all required information. If the registration slip is in the vehicle it can be obtained at the impound location.

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Hours of Operation & Rates

  • Normal Business Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm, M-F
  • SDPD After Hours: After 5pm – ($47.00)
  • CHP After Hours: After 5pm – ($90.00)
  • SD County Sheriff After Hours: After 5pm – ($70.00)
  • Property Removal After Hours: After 5pm – ($47.00) OR (90.00)

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Payment Options:


Visa, Mastercard, Debit or Cash – NO CHECKS

3 Easy Steps To Reclaim Your Vehicle

#1 Vehicle Information

All items listed are required.

  • Make and Model of Vehicle
  • License Plate Number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Driver’s License and/or Photo Identification Card (Must Match Registration)

#2 Proof Of Ownership

At least 1 item listed is required.

  • Valid vehicle registration
  • Valid pink slip (less than one year old)
  • Valid rental agreement, etc.
  • Notarized statement by the registered owner releasing the vehicle
  • Report of deposit of fees with DMV and a valid moving permit
  • If a rental vehicle – a written release from the vehicle rental agency

#3 Vehicle Release

Only required if “hold” on vehicle.

  • If a “hold” has been placed on the vehicle, a vehicle release will also be required from the agency that impounded the vehicle.
  • Click the button below to open a printable version of the release form. Complete and get the proper signatures notarized.

Open Release Form

Vehicle Release Locations

The following is a list of locations where Vehicle Releases may be obtained. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 858-573-8700 to find the storage location of your vehicle. If your vehicle has a “hold” on it, click here to view a printable release form. Get the appropriate signatures notarized. Make sure you have all the info you need to pick up your vehicle by following the steps above.