Avoid Being Towed

Save Money & Prevent The Hassle of Being Towed

How To Avoid Being Towed

When your vehicle is missing it is a frustrating and confusing experience. In highly populated areas, parking restrictions can be difficult to determine between street signs, painted zones, and policies that change by the hour. With monthly car payments, gas, and auto insurance already putting a strain on drivers’ bank accounts, a towing fee can be a huge inconvenience. Just use our tips so you can avoid ever having to make that frantic call to the local towing service.

Do Not Park:

  • In intersections and crosswalks, or on sidewalks, parkways or center medians.
  • Within 15ft of a fire station driveway, fire hydrant or a fire lane.
  • blocking any driveway
  • double parking
  • for more than 72 hours in any one spot without moving your vehicle.
  • in an alley.

Always Do This:

  • ask questions if parking in a private community.
  • be customer of the commercial center you are parking at.
  • keep your car registration up to date
  • Keep your parking citations less than 5