Impound Rates

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Current Rates Index

San Diego Police Department

Tow $178.00
Dollies $47.00
Mileage After 5 Miles $5.50
Over 9,500 lb gvw /Hour $190.00*
Over 22,000lbs gvw/Hour $260.00*

California Highway Patrol

TOW Light Vehicles hour $210.00*
TOW 9,500-18,000 gvw hour $197.00*
TOW 18,000-26,000 gvw hour $243.00*
TOW over 26,000 gvw hour $256.00*
Storage per day $47.00

San Diego County Sheriffs Department

Tow over 9500 lbs gvw $140.00
Tow over 22,000 lbs gvw $136.00
SD Sheriff NIP Fee Solana Beach $60.00/day
SD Sheriff NIP Fee Encinitas $58.00
Storage $30.00/day
Dollies $40.00
Any Labor $25.00
*Portal to Portal Rate – 1 or 2 Hour Minimum Depending On Assigned Unit

Storage Rates

Negligent Impound $102.00
Administrative Fee $72.00
Per Day Light Vehicles $38.00
Per Day 9,500-18,000 gvw $38.00
Per Day 18,000-26,000 gvw $102.00
Per Day over 26,000 gvw $140.00
Misc. Drop Fee $12.00
Misc. Labor/15 Min. $18.00

Vehicle Release Locations

The following is a list of locations where Vehicle Releases may be obtained. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 858-573-8700 to find the storage location of your vehicle. If your vehicle has a “hold” on it, click here to view a printable release form. Get the appropriate signatures notarized. Make sure you have all the info you need to pick up your vehicle by clicking here.